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360° freewheel mechanism

Due to the 360° freewheel mechanism obstacles can easily be avoided


Weight optimized

Thanks to the weight optimization, our machines are extremely manoeuvrable



Our machines are consistently designed for durability and endurance


North America




SHG inc.

161, Sinclair

Respentigny, Quebec, Canada


Robert Prévost

Phone: +1 514 771 2333

Fax: +1 450 704 1180

Mail: hortigalau



Limpar Machines

strong performance - easy handling - compact design - long life


 Limpar 67                            
            Limpar 84 Pro                                  Limpar WB Turbo IV
 Limpar 72             
            Limpar 102                                  Limpar V40
 Limpar Battery 26     
            Limpar 104 Pro                                  Limpar V50
 Limpar Battery 52             Limpar 122                                  Limpar SP 92
 Limpar Battery SB
            Limpar Radial                                  Limpar SP 94
 Limpar 78             Limpar Compact                                  Limpar HG 55
 Limpar 82 Vario             Limpar FKT 22                                  Limpar HG 65


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