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Spare parts for Limpar machines


Sweeping Machines

         Limpar 67


         Limpar 82 Vario

         Limpar 68


         Limpar 82 Pro

         Limpar 69


         Limpar 84 Pro

         Limpar 69 battery


         Limpar 100/120

         Limpar 70


         Limpar 102/122

         Limpar 72


         Limpar 104 Pro

         Limpar battery 25


         Limpar Radial 85

         Limpar battery 26

         Limpar battery 52

         Limpar 78


         Limpar Radial 85 T

              with foldable handlebar

         Limpar 80


         Limpar 82

         Limpar Radial 2


Weed Control

         Limpar WB Turbo

         Limpar WB Turbo II


 Slat Scraper

         Limpar SP 92

         Limpar SP 94

        from Machine No.: FPH-G5

         Limpar SP 94

        Machine No.: FPH-F5




         Limpar V 40

         Limpar V50


Sweepings Container / Snow Blades

         Snow Blades                                      

         Sweepings Container - 2 Support wheels

              Limpar 67 - 122


         Sweepings Container - 4 Support wheels

                Limpar 84 Pro & 104 Pro


Attachment Sweeper

         Limpar FKT-A22

         Limpar FKT-H2              


Attachment Blades

       Limpar FSK-P12

        Limpar FSK-P15


Quick Change System

       Limpar FTS-QA1





Note: All Spare part lists are written in German language

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